Pennant Pro™


Connect & organise your athletes. 


We’re fixing team management

Keeping pro athletes in sync is difficult at the best of times. Balancing a disjointed mix of apps, calendars, messages and emails is not only time-consuming but also detrimental to athlete preparation.

Simple, intuitive & effective.

Unite’s centralised management system replaces the mix of shared calendars, emails and chat apps. It’s personalised at every level, removing athlete confusion and increasing administration confidence. An efficient and organised operation off-field ensures on-field success.


Schedule effortlessly

Unite is an integral scheduling and communication tool for modern professional teams. Administrators love it for simplified yet powerful management. Athletes enjoy the clean and personalised information available at their fingertips.


Risk free notifications

Rest assured, athletes will never miss anything. Notifications alert the team of important announcements and items needing attention. Read receipts and reports give administrators ultimate confidence of player acknowledgement.


Everywhere, all the time

The secure cloud based solution (also available as a self hosted enterprise option) ensures authorised users are always in sync. The technology solution ensures immediate access with athletes and administrators, both connected in an instant.