Pennant Pro™


Publish great content, everywhere. 


Content without borders

The access you have to your team gives you ultimate opportunity to tell stories that your fans will love. Each fan utilises a raft of devices across their day. Your content needs to be accessible everywhere, all the time.

Easy content management

Through Leap's platform, administrators can publish content to multiple platforms in a single click or tap. In an instant fans can be enjoying your crafted content on their smart TV, website, mobile or voice assistant. The seamless experience extends to fans allowing them to continue their viewing, reading or audio experience across any device.


Publish once, view everywhere

Leap's powerful administration interface provides a number of key authoring tools. From live preview, content scheduling, version control, extensive display layouts and more. It's a single management system that pushes content to any platform. Admin's love the simplicity of not needing to work across multiple content management systems to get their job done.


Simple for admins, WONDERFUL for fans

The powerful management provided in Leap lets content producers present their content in a way that honours the work. On the user side, Leap provides a pleasurable consuming experience, optimised for each platform from TV to mobile, from desktop to audio.


Integrated revenue opportunities

Good content has extensive commercial opportunity and Leap supports multiple options. These include sponsored content, traditional advertising units; through to supporting subscriptions and having a user pays option. With Leap, monetising your content has never been easier.