Pennant Pro™


Interactive fan engagement


Amplifying fan passion

Success off the field starts with the fan. An active and engaged supporter group is the foundation of every great club. Teams are challenged with creating fan affinity, empowering loyal fans, connecting with new audiences and transforming passive fans. A team is nothing without its fans.

Fun, familiar entertainment

Hype's fun engagement has origins in traditional and familiar entertainment. Each element of Hype extends generations, increasing participation from young, old, passionate and new audience. Entirely self managed, Hype provides the ultimate flexibility for teams from sponsorship, launch, reporting, rewards and exporting fan data.


Instant engagement

Hype has been carefully crafted to ensure each fan can enjoy participating without immediate pop up, blocker or friction point. Across trivia, predictor or emoji; engagement is high with data and commercial requirements intelligently introduced throughout the process to not detract from the experience.


Control your launch

With Hype, all major components are completely content managed allowing team's to launch engagement initiatives on their own schedule. Hype is setup to be completely self run, but we're happy to assist if you don't have an in-house content team.


Unique templating system

Hype's templating allows teams and their partners to create a uniquely branded interface. The self serve design tools are exceptionally simple, provide great flexibility and allow you to get Hype to market in no time at all.